Sunday, July 15, 2007

Keeping Cool - Pineapple Blend

Got one of these sitting around waiting to be eaten? Try drinking it! At our house in the summertime, we like to mix just about any kind of fruit you can imagine into a delicious, refreshing drink to keep us cool in the three-digit temperatures.

1. Slice off the top, bottom, and sides of pineapple skin. (Set aside). Cut pineapple into chunks (do not include center core of pineapple).

2. Place chunks of pineapple in blender with a few ice cubes, sugar to taste and about half full with water.

3. Blend until smooth and ice chunks are gone.
4. Cool in refrigerator and enjoy!
The secret to a delicious fruit blend is the temperature. The colder the better! This recipe is also tasty with milk in place of the water.

Freeze pineapple skins. (I'll share a great recipe for these another day!)


annie_iden said...

Daisy... that's awesome. I think I'll stop by the store tonight and pick up a pineapple. 4 more hours...

Maria said...

Daisy, I'm so excited about the new blog! I'm totally going to try this one, it looks delicious! Thanks for sharing.

Atkinson Family said...

This is so fun! And yummy. :) Thanks for sharing. love you!

Jessica said...

Ahhh, I love Daisy fruit juice! We just recently made some watermelon goodness. We haven't tried pineapple though! We'll have to! Thanks!