Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Corn on the Cob - Mexican Style

My college friend, Christine, introduced me to a lot of delicious Latin-American cuisine that has stuck with me over the years. Among them were pupusas from El Salvador and Mexican-style fruit with chile, lime and salt. She's a spontaneous person, always looking for a little adventure. One night, we decided we'd kidnap our roommates and take them on a camping trip with whatever they had on their person at the time. I'm not sure if my memory serves me correctly, but I'm pretty sure we didn't get enough blankets and all we had for breakfast were some cans of corn . . . and mayo, chile, lime, and salt. I had never been introduced to Mexican-style corn and this was my first experience . . . unheated canned corn (drained) with all of these ingredients dumped on top and eaten straight from the can. Honestly, I don't even think we had any utensils. That was my first experience with this style of corn. Some time later I had a more authentic version of this corn, this time on-the-cob and grilled. (Not that yours wasn't yummy, Christine) but the grilled on-the-cob version was awesome!


Corn on the cob, grilled or steamed
Mayo (I've also experimented with butter or sour cream and they work great)
Fresh Lime
Chili Powder

Spread mayo or butter on the hot corn. Sprinkle with salt, chili powder and squeeze lime juice on top. I don't always have queso seco (dry cheese like queso cotija) on hand, but the Mexican-style crumbled and tossed on top adds an extra depth of flavor to this yummy side-dish.

You'll want to have several napkins on hand.

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