Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Project Crock Pot - Tried & True!

I have a friend who recently married and has instantly become the mother of three beautiful children. So, she's gone from being single and eating simple to needing to provide healthy, delicious meals for her family of five. She asked me the other day for some of my crock pot recipes and I told her I'd send her some. The more I've thought about it, the more I've thought I have a lot of other friends out there that surely have their best crock pot recipes they'd be willing to share. So, I'm calling for just one crock pot recipe from each of you that read this. The only requisite is that it has to be a recipe that you have tried and is a no-fail recipe. If you have a secret to make it turn out "just right," PLEASE share! And if you have a picture, you know I love pictures, so pass that along too.

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Lilly said...

the only thing i know about crock pots is bbq chicken. and that's pretty self explanatory.
also. harvest season only lasts at the supermarket.

Aprendiendo a ser mama y esposa!!! said...
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Aprendiendo a ser mama y esposa!!! said...

Hola Daisy,
gracias por compartir esta y otras recetas!!, como toda buena hondurena me encantan los frijoles asi que esta receta me parece perfecta y facil. Desde que estoy aca no he cocinado frijoles ni una vez...esto es lo que necesitaba para empezar!! Lo siento por no aportar algo pero de crock pots no se nada aunque me encantaria aprender!!! Yadira Budd

Jessica said...

Estoy lista para recetas de la primavera ;)

SelfToy said...

How is bbq chicken self explanatory? I guess if you stick a chicken in there and dump bbq sauce all over it and slow cook it for 8 hours... Is that right?