Monday, November 24, 2008

Platanos Fritos (Fried Plantain)

This is a dish that I've loved from the first time I tried it on a road trip to California with my friend, Christine. We ate at a little Salvadorean restaurant and I fell in love. Luckily, Armando loves this dish as well and it's a popular one in Honduras.

If the plantain is at the perfect ripeness (overripe on my scale), it's the perfect sweet (but not too sweet). Then, the salty contrast of the refried black beans and Mexican sour cream on top makes it to die for!

First, find really ripe (but not bruised) plantains.

Fry on low-medium heat until golden brown on all sides. You don't want the plantain to be crispy, just softened and cooked.

Split each plantain down the middle. Fill with refried black beans. Serve warm with drizzles of Mexican sour cream on top.


ACSanchez said...

I've never had them like that I bet they are sooo good! I love cut the plantain into round slices fry the pieces, take them out and smash them, then fry again. They are great just like that with a bit of salt or garlic..yummy!

GiDu said...

I love platanos!! Where can you find Mexican sour cream???